Since its creation Magnolia Développment SA is your real estate agency active in Geneva and Swiss real estate.

The company acts as exclusive agent of one of the largest real estate group in the sector and manages regularly this areas :

  • Housing law, LDTR application, development zone.
  • Relationship with the state services and particularly et the Town planning    Department.
  • The tenancy law.
  • Real estate taxation.
  • Real estate promotion accountability.

The other part concerns service activities:

  • Real estate and rental brokerage for luxury residences, Switzerland and in France.
  • Management of promotions operation.
  • House fitting and decoration of apartments or villas.
  • Property constitution per floor.
  • Relationship with the tenants, evictions and rehousing.
  • Banking relationship.
  • Relationship with the law firm and the notaries.

In general all forms of development of a property, a land, a building, an admistrative local or artisanal in its financial, sous ses aspects financiers, legal and commercial aspects.



Real estate brokerage for sale, residential or commercial, luxury or common items, houses or apartments, commercial premises.


To rent

Real estate brokerage for hire, residential or commercial, luxury or common items ; houses or apartments, commercial premises.

Mettre en valeur


Development for sale or for the rental of existing buildings or promotion.

Estimer et expertiser

Estimate and appraise

For a summary estimate or an expertise in retail for any real estate.



Advice and control, tax or legal procedure, relationship with specialized Research Department and notarial office.



Assistance or direct intervention with the state services, building permits, problems related to the application of special leglislation, -LDTR- assistance to lease.